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Historic Markers located in the south and eastern part of Limesone County are identified as follows:

  • Cambridge
  • Cotton Hill
  • Gamble House
  • Nicholas Davis Monument
  • Belle Mina and Woodside (Plantation Houses
  • Harris-Pryor House (Flower Hill Farm)
  • Mooresville and Cottonport
  • Round Island Baptist Church
  • Druid’s Grove Plantation / Jones-Donnell Cemetery

Each marker page has a photo of the marker and of the marker subject if available.

At the end of the page there will be the chronological erection number, marker name, physical address and coordinates for locating the marker. The physical address is usually the required input to a GPS locating program and the coordinates can be used to locate the marker on some maps.


The markers above can be viewed by selecting the corresponding button on the left.

By selecting the box below you can call up a map of the area that has locations for markers identified above. This map allows you to select each marker and zoom in to get more precise information about its location if needed.

SE County Marker Locator Map

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