The historical marker program was begun in 1978,  when the membership and Board of Directors voted to mark sites of historical significance within Limestone County. A committee was appointed to determine the sites to be marked, do the research and select a supplier. It was decided that those placed by the society would be the same style as those placed by the state organizations in Alabama, however, a logo was designed and would be used on the Limestone County Historical Society’s markers.

To date (July 2017) thirty-one markers have been procured and placed throughout the county and city of Athens. Various funding sources have been used to purchase these markers, including: donations, funds from those with close association with the to the marked site, several with 50% sharing by the Athens/Limestone Tourism Council, and the historical society treasury.

The historical society wishes to extend thanks to all of those who have supported and contributed to this successful program. Special thanks are to be extended to the chairman of this program for many years, The late Don Frost has done much of the research, provided most of the inscriptions, obtained authority for marker sites, and physically done most of the hard labor associated with installation of these large heavy markers.

For ease of display and access by the viewer this web site breaks the markers up into four location areas: 1) North, 2)West, 3) South and East Limestone County and 4) the City of Athens.

From this page each of these can be accessed by selecting the associated marker name on navigation bar on the left

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Each marker page has a photo of the marker and of the marker subject if available.

At the end of the page there will be the chronological erection number, marker name, physical address and coordinates for locating the marker. The physical address is usually the required input to a GPS locating program and the coordinates can be used to locate the marker on some maps.

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